Welcome Home (Amer's Song)

    Like many Americans, I’ve been stunned and disappointed in the toxic political atmosphere since the ascendancy of Donald Trump. It pervades every aspect of government, to be sure, but as regards the immigration issue, I don’t think there’s a more potent example of mean-spirited, misguided overreach by ICE than the case of Amer Adi. Here you have a highly regarded local entrepreneur (a job creator, not a job taker!), loving family man, and all-’round good guy, by all accounts, who was unceremoniously (and apparently, underhandedly) booted from the country he loves and has contributed to for decades. That’s not in line with the guiding principals of America as I thought I understood them. By writing “Welcome Home (Amer’s Song)” I hope to shed a little light on what I view as an unjust abuse of power and, in a perfect world, aid in Amer’s struggle to reunite his family in the country he calls home. If it raises awareness of these hard-line tactics perhaps it can spare other families the pain and upheaval that Amer’s family has endured. How about we Make America Kind Again?

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Want to learn more about Amer's plight? Here's a video made by NowThis that the hard-working people at America's Voice sent to me. They are helping to spread the word about Amer.

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